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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 Summary

In Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 10, Commander Gabriel appears, revealing that he is alive and attacking Salahuddin’s fortress with his brother Gregor. He kills all the soldiers, including Salahuddin, and sets the fortress on fire by throwing oil on it. Salahuddin takes his beloved sister, Lady Victoria, with him and promises to use her in front of Sultan Nuruddin for his defense. Meanwhile, Sultan Nuruddin kills his brother Prince Nasruddin, who was causing trouble in his family.

Sultan Nuruddin receives news of the fortress’s attack and all the soldiers have been killed, leaving no trace of Prince Salahuddin. He rushes to the fortress and finds a dead body with his sword and ring in his hand. Salahuddin’s mother Fatima Khatoon is shocked and goes to the palace to offer condolences to Sultan Nuruddin.

In the next scene, Sultan Nuruddin prepares for war, while Salahuddin’s companions plan to enter the city of Kulan to save Lady Victoria. Gregor reaches the Boron tribe and asks them to join him, but Asmat Khatoon does not give him any answer and leaves after warning about Thuria. Meanwhile, Gabriel tells Sultan Nuruddin that if they attack his city, they will also find the Boron tribe, who will fight against Sultan Nuruddin.

A toast in the story occurs when Salahuddin’s mother, Fatima Khatoon, tells Omar Mullah Effendi that his son has been chosen to conquer Quds. Yaqub Sahib, Salahuddin’s father, lies on the ground in memory of his son and has a dream in which he sees his son Salahuddin alive. Salahuddin recites a verse from Surah Yusuf to him, which gives them an idea that it is a sign that Salahuddin can be alive. They both go to Sultan Nooruddin, who is preparing for war. At first, Sultan Nooruddin does not believe them, but he remembers that he did not observe any mark on Salahuddin’s body, which would confirm his death. They arrange for the exhumation of the grave and discover that the mark on Salahuddin’s shoulder is not present on the corpse, leading them to believe that he is still alive.

The scene shifts to Hashashin’s leader, who is hiding and observing the whole scene. He sets out with his men to search for Salahuddin. Salahuddin’s companions try to enter the city of Iskalan disguised as oil merchants but are caught by Seljuk soldiers. Salahuddin’s spy, who was working in Iskalan, saves them. However, Gabriel and Gary surround them with their soldiers, and Sultan Nooruddin also arrives there. Gabriel refuses to release them, saying that if they try anything against Salahuddin, he will give a signal and turn the whole place into a river of blood.

Four people drifting in the sea, thrown Salahuddin into the sea in a boat, are seen drifting in the sea. Sultan Nooruddin, Hashashin, and Salahuddin’s father, Sultan Ayub, set out on their own quests to find Salahuddin. They bring Salahuddin to a healer, who gives him some medicine. In the meantime, Gabriel arrives with his soldiers and takes Salahuddin before they can reach him. He cuts the healer’s finger and forces Salahuddin to ask him where they took him. Everyone follows Salahuddin in search of him and takes him to a cave where they try to treat him.

As Salahuddin picks blood from a flower, Hashashin and his mountain lord observe him from hiding.

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 release date is 4th feburary 2024.

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