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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 Summary

In Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 11, we see in the beginning that Sultan Nooruddin Karatekin is asked by the viewers how he saved Salahuddin. He tells them that he had planned to kill Salahuddin, but the Crusaders arrived before him and killed everyone, and they had also started burning Salahuddin, but at that moment he arrived there and took Salahuddin away. He gave Salahuddin’s sword and ring to someone else so that no one could follow him because Salahuddin was in a very delicate condition and needed treatment. Then Sultan Nooruddin tells him to return behind everyone, there must be some trick behind it, to which he says that it is the tradition of the Turks that whether the enemy is their own or non-Turk, they never show cowardice by attacking the wounded.

Sultan Nooruddin tells him not to come in front of me again, to which he says that I will definitely come because we still have a lot of accounts pending. Then the scene changes and we see Sultan Nooruddin showing Salahuddin in the palace and there he also sees his women who have prepared to go to war by wearing a little. And there comes Azmat Khatoon who tells Sultan Nooruddin that there is an important thing about the war. Then she tells Sultan Nooruddin that she and her tribe are with Sultan Nooruddin and they will fight shoulder to shoulder against the Christians. To which Sultan Nooruddin tells her to be careful because the alliance with us can trouble you and the people of your tribe. On the other hand, when the Christian commanders come to know about the alliance of Asmat Khatoon, they become very angry. And the mountain lord tells them to attack the Boru tribe and kill everyone. Meanwhile, Karategin comes with his soldiers to take revenge on the apple and Omar Mala and Karategin are surrounded in the jungle and there is a fight between them in the jungle, but Karategin and his soldiers overpower the Christians. When Gabbrial’s brother comes to the Boru tribe with his soldiers and starts killing the people of the tribe. And during this fight, the phoopho of Sariah Khatoon and Sariah Khatoon herself get injured and Asmat Khatoon and her sister also get injured. So viewers, when Sultan Nooruddin comes to help the people, he finds everyone injured there and sends Asmat Khatoon to the tent for treatment. Then the scene changes and we see that Salahuddin is going towards the city of Askalan to save Sariah Khatoon, but he meets Gabbrial on the way who asks him if he is going to save Sariah Khatoon. To which Salahuddin tells him that I have come not only to save her but also to behead all of you.

So viewers, Salahuddin goes to Sultan Nooruddin with the father of Sariah Khatoon who is in a wounded state and in front of Salahuddin, he kills him and says that if you do not call back your soldiers from the siege, then the dead body coming in the evening will be of Sariah Khatoon. And he shows Sultan Nooruddin the scarf of Sariah Khatoon, which he had pulled by putting his hand on the honor of Sariah Khatoon, which makes Salahuddin very angry. Viewers, then Salahuddin goes to Sultan Nooruddin and tells him to call back the army, but Sultan Nooruddin tells him that now when everything is ready and the whole army is waiting for my command, why are you asking to call them back? To which Salahuddin tells him about Sariah Khatoon and also tells him about the killing of Amir Mansoor, to which Sultan Nooruddin tells him that you have time till evening, if you can bring her back, then save her, otherwise we will attack Askalan and save her. Viewers, then when Salahuddin meets his spy in the castle, she tells Salahuddin about the security and promises to bring Sariah Khatoon out of the castle through the pigeon.

Viewers, then when Ghori and Guri are thinking that Sariah Khatoon is safe and no one can take her out of the castle, at that time Salahuddin’s spy goes to the prison and brings her out of the prison, but viewers, they are still in the castle and they come to know about the escape of Rhea Khatoon and there is chaos in the castle and soldiers also stand in front of the gate. Viewers, then when Salahuddin’s spy tries to change her path to send a message through the pigeon, Princess Victoria catches that pigeon and where Salahuddin is coming, he goes with his soldiers. But Salahuddin’s spy has done her job and she sends Sariah Khatoon out of the castle and when Sariah Khatoon goes towards the jungle, the Seljuk soldiers surround her, but at that moment Salahuddin arrives and kills them and embraces Sariah Khatoon, but one soldier shoots Sariah Khatoon and she gets injured. Viewers, then Salahuddin takes Sariah Khatoon to the Boru tribe in an injured state.

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 12 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 12 release date is 13th feburary 2024.

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