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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 17 Summary

Salahuddin Eyyubi Episode 17 begins with an attack on Salahuddin’s tribe by Greygor soldiers, resulting in a fierce battle between them. During this confrontation, Salahuddin, in a fit of rage, injures one of Greygor eyes, causing Greygor to flee in a wounded state.

On the other hand, Prince Mewdud launches an assault on Jewish Abraham and his soldiers in the forest, seizing their precious treasury, including the Ark of the Covenant and a hundred golden coins, as spoils of war. Abraham warns him that he will pay a heavy price for it. Later, he instructs his trusted man, Simon, to order his spies to track Sultan Nuruddin, stating that they will capture Sultan Nuruddin and avenge his humiliation through Sultan Nuruddin.

Next, we see Sultan Nuruddin, who had gone to Medina to fulfill a crucial duty. They intended to demolish the house of Ka’bah in Medina, but Sultan Nuruddin foiled their plan. After completing this duty, when they set out for their return from Medina, they stop to rest in a camp. However, there they encounter some people who claim to be Muslims but their actions resemble those of non-Muslims. Sultan Nuruddin detects their deception and eliminates all the Jews. Upon leaving the camp, they change their route, but Simon suspects this and begins to follow them.

Then we are shown Salahuddin’s tribe, where Salahuddin and his tribe face another calamity. This time, it is when Sultan Nuruddin is absent, Prince Mewdud tries to humiliate Salahuddin and takes advantage of his position by selecting Kara Tegin as the commander in chief among Salahuddin’s tribe. Despite Salahuddin’s objections, Mewdud forcefully implements this decision, and Salahuddin awaits Sultan Nuruddin’s return.

The next day, Sultan Nuruddin is shown returning through the forest route. However, Crusader soldiers ambush them, and together with Jewish Abraham, they capture Sultan Nuruddin and his companions, including Salahuddin. Abraham proposes a treaty to them, demanding their treasury in exchange. Sultan Nuruddin rejects the treaty, but when Prince Mewdud approaches him and informs him of Sultan’s capture, he requests the treasury in return for Sultan’s release. This creates chaos throughout the kingdom. However, Salahuddin insists that they will never return the treasury, even if it means the death of the Sultan. But Prince Mewdud says that he will return the treasury, and he will bring Sultan Agha back. But Salahuddin says that these people will never return due to their actions, and despite obtaining the treasury, they will kill Sultan through Sultan. But Prince Mewdud does not listen to a single word.

Next, we see Kara Tegin, who acts on his own will in Salahuddin’s tribe and imprisons Turan Shah in jail. Upon learning of this, Salahuddin confronts him and asks him to release his brother, but he refuses, saying that he has dishonored him in front of everyone, so he will not let him go.

Viewers, on one hand, Salahuddin plans to save Sultan Nuruddin, while on the other hand, Prince Mewdud prepares his arrangements to return the treasury. The next day, when he reaches the meeting place with the treasury, Jewish Abraham sets a trap for him and includes his soldiers in his soldiers, and thus he injures Prince Mewdud and his soldiers and takes away the treasury, and then he prepares to kill Sultan Nuruddin with them in Jerusalem. And this episode ends on a very dangerous and heart-pounding scene where they injure Sultan Nuruddin and Salahuddin with arrows, and Sultan Nuruddin falls into the river after being shot with an arrow.

In the trailer of Salahuddin Eyyubi Episode 18, we are shown that after Sultan Nuruddin’s injuries and his body not being found in the river, chaos ensues throughout the kingdom due to the uncertainty. Everyone holds Prince Maudood responsible for this, but he insists that he did it all for his brother’s sake. Following this, Salahuddin sets out to search for Sultan Nuruddin, and he searches for him along with his soldiers in the river. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Sultan Nuruddin’s disappearance, his brother, Prince Maudood, instructs the people of the kingdom to perform a funeral prayer for Sultan Nuruddin in all mosques, as Sultan Nuruddin is presumed dead. And this is the time for swords to speak.

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 18 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 18 release date is 26th March 2024.

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