Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 94 (Season 3 Episode 30) English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 94 (Season 3 Episode 30) English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 94 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 94, Nikola says that the Turks will never be able to enter the castle and asks his soldiers to prepare to defend. Osman makes a speech for his army and says that the attack will begin soon. Nikola sees the Turks approaching the castle and says they will never succeed. Gunduz prepares the catapults to shoot at the castle. Osman tells his soldiers about the attack plan. Cerkutay gives Akca’s sword to Osman. Osman takes this sword in his hand and cuts the rope of the catapult. The Turks begin to fire rapidly at the walls of the castle. Byzantine soldiers begin to repair the walls of the castle. Romanos starts to worry when he sees the situation in the castle, but Nikola says he will burn all the Turks. Orhan says he wants to join the war, but Abdal asks him to be patient. Malhun’s daughter Fatma comes to the tribe.

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Malhun is very happy to see her daughter after a long time. The spies in the tribe secretly poison the food going to the headquarters. Malhun doesn’t realize the food is poisonous and says she will take them to headquarters tomorrow. The priest in the castle says that this war hurts everyone. The people say they do not want the Turks in the castle and defend Nikola. The priest says that Nikola started this war and that many innocent people will die. Alexander hears the priest’s words and warns him harshly. The priest continues to speak his mind about the war, and the Byzantine soldiers arrest him. Sheikh prays with the soldiers before the big attack and asks Allah for help. Byzantine soldiers torture the priest in the dungeon and ask him not to talk about Nikola. The priest says he is not afraid of Nikola. Alexander goes to the dungeon and sends the soldiers out.

Alexander asks the priest to be quiet and says that soon everything will be better. Gunduz allows the catapults to shoot at the castle walls until the evening. Some Beys start to worry and say that the siege could last for months. Osman says that the Turks should believe in victory and that those who want can return. Konur says that he wants to enter through the hole to be opened in the wall. Nikola sees his soldiers begin to die. Osman asks some Beys to check the roads so that no outside help comes to the castle. Barkin sends a secret message to the castle. Nikola learns that Osman will send some of his soldiers from the headquarters. Romanos says he wants to bring his soldiers waiting in the valley and asks Nikola how he can sneak out of the castle. Nikola immediately plans an attack and tells Romanos how to get out of the castle.

Gunduz prays to Allah that night and wishes his son to be well. Cerkutay says he understands Gunduz well and asks him not to worry. The next morning, Gunduz continues to shoot at the walls of the castle with catapults, as Osman wanted. Osman realizes that Gunduz is worried about Aktemur. Osman says Aktemur did his best and calms down his brother. Holofira says goodbye to Bala and then to Malhun. Aisha tells Holofira that she can come to the tribe whenever she wants. Mahun then sets out with a few soldiers to take the supplies to headquarters. Cerkutay gives Osman the news sent by Aktemur. On the way to the valley with Romanos, Aktemur breaks some tree branches and leaves traces for Osman. Osman learns that Romanos is going to the valley and realizes that there is a traitor in the headquarters.

Gunduz realizes that the morale of some soldiers is not good and gives a speech to them. Together with Osman, Cerkutay begins to follow the traces left by Aktemur. Romanos realizes that a Byzantine soldier has disappeared and begins to suspect Aktemur. Together with Konur, Turgut makes a plan to attack the soldiers waiting in the valley and takes action immediately. Romanos asks Aktemur some questions and realizes that he is a traitor. Aladdin realizes that Orhan is upset and tries to calm him down. Orhan learns that Holofira has forgotten her necklace and sets out immediately to return it. Osman saves Aktemur. Turgut kills the Byzantine soldiers waiting for Romanos in the valley. Osman finds Romanos in the forest, but he starts to flee toward the valley. The spies who kidnapped Holofira learn that Arius is dead. Holofira starts to run away and finds Orhan. The spies capture both Holofira and Orhan. Aladdin sees what happened to his brother and immediately goes to seek help from his mother.

Osman realizes that Nikola will leave the castle the next day and makes a plan. Osman asks Aktemur to go to the castle and talk to Nikola. Aladdin tells his mother what happened to Orhan. Malhun asks Abdal to destroy the poisoned dishes and immediately starts looking for Orhan. Barkin says he wants to help Malhun and starts following her. Gunduz says that the walls of the castle are getting weaker and asks the catapults to continue firing. Romanos finds one of the spies working for Arius. Osman orders the ram head to be ready to attack the gate of the castle. Gunduz says they will take over the castle tonight. Aktemur says that he escaped from the Turks to enter the castle and brought important information to Nikola.

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Turgut tells Osman that Aktemur has entered the castle and begins to wait for the attack. Abdal goes to the headquarters with Aladdin and tells Gunduz what happened to Orhan. Gunduz asks Aladdin to rest and calms him down. Aktemur says that Romanos found the soldier in the valley and is waiting to attack the Turks. Nikola is very happy with this news and immediately prepares his soldiers to attack the headquarters. Meanwhile, Aktemur goes to the gate of the castle and gives Osman a signal to attack. Sheikh prays endlessly for the success of the Turks. The Turks bring ladders to climb the walls of the castle. Byzantine soldiers try to defend the castle. Aktemur lowers the bridge and Osman tries to break the gate of the castle with his ram head. While the Byzantines are trying to defend the gate, the Turks begin to climb the walls. Nikola says he will kill the Turks and tries to defend his castle. Osman and the Turks finally shatter the gate of the castle.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 94 (Season 3 Episode 30) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 94 English Subtitles (Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 30), Kurulus Osman Episode 94 Urdu Subtitles & Kurulus Osman Episodio 94 Subtitulado en Espanol Free of Cost. Kurulus Osman episode 94 trailer with English & Urdu Subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman Episode 94 release date is 18th May 2022. Kurulus Osman episode 94 will be on-air on ATV Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Kurulus Osman episode 94 in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Kurulus Osman episode 94 even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later.

Kurulus Osman Episode 94 English Subtitles

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