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Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode 5 begins with Prince Mehmed, who leaves his bride on the first night of his wedding and goes to Constantinople with his emir Shahabuddin on a boat in the sea to capture the traitor Orhan Urban and save Zaganos. He stands up, looking at the permits for the trade of imam traders, and he also stops princes Mehmed and Shahabuddin, but they do not recognize them because of their dress and business talk.
Even before Prince Mehmed arrives in Constantinople, some of his people are roaming there in their disguise. When Prince Mehmed wanders in the market there, he is very sad to see the people there and their misery and their injustice and says that a day will come when we conquer this city by the command of Allah. We will make it the cradle of Islam and the mosque here.
The sound of azaan will echo on the minarets of Aya Sophia, which will create peace and tranquility in the entire city.
Then we are shown Sultan Murad in the next scene, the audience when Sultan Murad comes to know that the prince has gone to Constantinople, he becomes very angry with him and tells his minister that this is such an act or all of you are doing your will. Go find him and bring him back.
At the same time, the Sultan gets the news that his wife Huma Khatun has passed away, on hearing which the Sultan gets a very bad shock and he becomes unconscious.
Then we are shown the prince who, along with his companions, is planning to save Zaga Noos and capture Han Urban. There we are shown the scene of Zaganos, who is with the slaves, breaking stones as punishment and Byzantine soldiers are torturing them, killing them and wounding them. But Zaganos tells his companions that we will surely get out of here; Allah will surely help us .
The next morning Prince Mehmed goes to the cemetery with Shahabuddin to Urban and Alex, and Urban, who is grieving for his daughter and wants to take revenge on the Christians, joins Prince Arban and Alex and together with them and captures Hanko and plans to save Zaganos .
Then we are shown the scene of the palace where Sultan Murad is sick in the shock of the death of Prahama Khatun, and due to the illness of the Sultan, there is unrest in the palace and all the people close to the Sultan think about the throne .
Then in the next scene, Prince Mehmed sets out to save Zaganos with the help of LX and Urban .
He sends two of his companions to capture Han, while himself goes to Zaganos with Shahabuddin and Alex, when he meets him, Zaganos tells him about the violence done to the rest of the slaves, to which the prince says that we can destroy the whole world because of a victim. In such a short time, the news reaches Prince Helena and the traitor Orhan that Prince Mehmed is present in the city on which they are alerted and when the prince’s two companions go to catch the traitor and the khan, Prince Helena catches them there and asks him nothing about the prince. On which his soldiers torture both of them, but Urban comes there and saves both of them and they are able to get out of there. After that, more goes out of the city with his companions, where the rest of the prince’s soldiers are waiting for them and there the prince gets the news that his mother refuses. Prince Mehmed is also feeling very shocked at which and he starts crying.
Then prince Mehmed goes to Bursa and goes there and attends his mother’s funeral. After the burial, the prince is sitting near his mother’s grave, Sultan Murad comes there and tells him that all this has happened because of me. Not me, but only my mother can forgive and when Sultan Murad starts hugging him, the prince goes away from there, sultan Murad puts it all on his heart and takes a lot of trouble. And they lock themselves in a room when their minister comes to them to enquire about their well-being and he sees them lying on their beds. And quickly calls Hakima and the Sultan is treated .
Seeing the sultan’s condition after the sultan’s health worsened, both Kortcho Dughan and Ishaq Pasha, the head of Sultan Murad’s soldiers, think that after the sultan leaves this world, Prince Muhammad will sit on the throne and dominate us and he does not consider us good before, so think about what he will do to us then he will do to the prince after the sultan. Let’s talk about getting rid of the chase. Then they form a plan to attack Prince Mehmed who is going to Ederna .
On the other hand, Hakim Sultan inspects Murad and gives him medicines, but after the hakims leave, the Sultan calls him to his minister and tells him that he does not know the fate, so maybe something will happen to me, so after my departure, I hand him over to you in the kingdom.
And finally we are shown Prince Mehmed, who stays for prayer on the way to Ederna, and in the meantime Ishaq Pasha, along with many of his soldiers, attacks him and injures many of the prince’s soldiers .

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 6 Trailer

What Will Happen in Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 6

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 6 Release Date

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 6 release date is 3th April 2024.

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