Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1 & 2 Overview

On March 16, 1920, British soldiers began to occupy Istanbul according to the order. Cevat Pasha and Topkapili Mehmet are talking about the National Campaign (Misak-i Milli), unaware that the occupation has begun. As soon as Husamettin and Topkapili left the mansion, the British came and arrested Cevat Pasha. British soldiers continue to arrest former Pashas and important persons by force. A group of British soldiers enters a police station to find the Pasha they were looking for. Soldiers from the army band try to explain the situation to the British, but the British soldiers massacre them. Colonel Kemalettin comes to the police station after the raid and tries to help the wounded soldiers. Journalist Ebuziya also comes to the police station. Kemalettin asks him to take pictures of the scene and show the British massacre to the whole world.

Ihsan Bey (Manager of the Istanbul Telegram Center) receives a phone call from the ministry of war and learns that the British started to occupy Istanbul. Ihsan Bey understands that the British can occupy the building, and immediately conveys this situation to Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal, who was in Ankara at the time, realized that the British wanted to scare the rebellion forces and immediately sent a telegram to the ministry of war, but the British troops had already entered the ministry building. The next day, Mustafa Kemal goes to Ankara Telegram Cente. British officials go to Fevzi Cakmak (Minister of War of the Ottoman Empire) and ask him to disarm Turkish soldiers. Ihsan Bey learns that employees at Beyoglu Telgraf House are fired and sends a message to Mustafa Kemal about the latest situation. British soldiers come to Telegram Center to interrupt and control the communication and force everyone out. Mustafa Kemal understands that the British are trying to disconnect the Representative Committee from Istanbul and makes a counter-move. No officers and soldiers in Anatolia will contact Istanbul without the consent of the Committee.

A representative sent by the British High Commissioner who came to Sublime Porte speaks to Salih Pasha and warns him about the government working with the British. Mustafa Kemal comes to his friends and wants them not to be desperate. All the state institutions in the capital Istanbul have become inoperable so that the conditions for opening a parliament in Ankara started to emerge. Halide Edip ( famous Turkish novelist) and her husband Adnan Bey (a member of the parliament) find out that the British are looking for them and take action to go to Anatolia. The next target of the British is to become the university and they force all the students out of school. Because of the photos taken by Ebuziya, British soldiers raid the newspaper office and arrest him after they forcibly take the photos.

As the British force-check people’s identities in the marketplace, chaos starts and Husamettin rescues Galip. Galip then asks his uncle a duty to send the English fro his homeland. Topkapili Mehmet bribes the soldiers who come to the neighborhood and saves his friend. Halide Edip goes out to warn her friends and learn about their situation, but what she sees on the street surprises her. Some of the non-Muslim people living in Istanbul have begun to mistreat Turks with the support they receive from the British.

Sir Milne and Sir Robeck talk about the arrests and the future of the resistance in Anatolia. According to the plan of Milne, the assembly in Istanbul will be closed and deputies will be arrested. While Halide Edip is walking on the street, two soldiers stop her and want to see her identity. Thanks to Topkapili, she is freed from soldiers. Mustafa Kemal sends another telegram to all civil servants and high ranking soldiers in Anatolia. In this telegram, with the invasion of Istanbul, the Ottoman state was tried to be eliminated and therefore calls on everyone to struggle to save the independence and caliphate authority from external influences. Topkapili Mehmet tells that he will help Halide and describes where she should go tomorrow evening. Ferid Pasha (Grand Vizier) is ready to eliminate the resistance supporters in parliament and do whatever the British want. Topkapili goes to the Society of the British’s Friends and acts like one of them to learn information. The telegrams sent by Mustafa disturb Robeck. Society members plan to prepare an article that explains that the British occupation is necessary for the liberation of the Turkish people and praises the British. Milne talks to Captain Bennet about parliament raid and asks him to do a clean job.

Mustafa Kemal sends messages to Asia and Africa to explain the situation in Istanbul to the whole Islamic world and to activate them. Rauf Bey goes to the parliament and talks to the deputies. Rauf tells his friends that they should go to the appointment they took from the palace. Some deputies tell Rauf Bey to escape, but he tells that if the parliament closes, it will reopen in Ankara. Galip goes to the place where his uncle told him and meets those who helped the resistance in Istanbul. Topkapili Mehmet says that Ferid Pasha is getting ready to serve as minister and asks Galip to work in Ferid’s house. After talking to Sultan, Rauf comes to the parliament and tells what the Sultan said. Meanwhile, Captain Bennet comes to the parliament with his fellow soldiers and says that Rauf will be arrested. Rauf tells deputies what will happen if the parliament closes, but some do not believe him and tell them they will not join the parliament in Anatolia. The commander, who guards the parliament, comes in and tells that British soldiers are coming to arrest. When the deputies talk about the British not entering the parliament, Bennet sends the soldiers inside and begins to arrest the deputies by force.

Milne thinks he conquers the eastern roman empire and is happy, but Robeck tells him concerns about the arrests. Mustafa Kemal learns that the British raided the parliament and arrested two deputies. While this situation frightens everyone, Mustafa Kemal is full of hope because the parliament can be opened in Ankara now. Mustafa Kemal orders that the soldiers of the allied forces in Anatolia be arrested and their weapons are taken. Later, he wants the arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Rollinson in Erzurum because he is the brother of Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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