Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 20 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 20 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 20, I did everything for the state. I did not dream of a Kingdom. I just became the conqueror of Algeria and Tunisia. It’s not my business. Now tell me. Why did you come here? My duty is secret. You are captives now. If you don’t speak do you think I will let you live? Do we look like men who are afraid of death? Do you have something to say? No. What about you? May the sword which will cut my head be sharp. Soldier. Cut his head off.

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Give me your pardon in this world and Qiyamah. Salih. If you have something to say to save yourself, Reis. Do not break my heart before I die. Just give me your pardon, it’ll be enough. It is yours. I bear witness that there is no deity but ALLAH and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Stop. Everyone out. I said out! Stand up. Let’s talk again. My Emperor. Tell me. Sir As you said we sent our spies after Batista. Where did he go?

To the castle which belongs to the Vatican. What is he doing there? He met with Barbaros Hayreddin. Traitor Dog! Sir, We heard that he was a famous Turk sailor. What is his name? Salih Reis. Send words to Istanbul. Inform Admiral Doria about the situation. Let him go after Barbaros. And let him punish BatistaYou called me.  Yes. Weren’t you curious about me? I’m more curious about your plan. Were you in touch with anyone? Of course. With whom? Sehsuvar and Sukufe.

Did you tell them that you injured me? I did. Very well. How’s your wound? I have pains. But these injuries can be cured. I still don’t get it. How can a person do it to himself? First, you let me injure you. Then you let me go. I planned the whole thing. The missing part was a real wound. Before our Sultan arrived with your help, I had to do it. You did it.  Not yet. The people I want to inform have not yet heard who attacked me.

Sehsuvar and Sukufewill keep quiet. Who do you want to hear this?  Our Sultan. However this will not be words only. How will it be? You will give me a confession letter. You will say thatHayreddin ordered you to attack me. You will confess thatHayreddin gave you the dagger that you used against me. Let’s say I’ll do it. You will do it! As you wish. But doesn’t Sultan know that you were injured by a gun? This way your plan will go to waste. You really underestimate me, Luna.

I both know the wolf and the trap that is set against the wolf. You do as you are ordered to do. Don’t think about the things you don’t need to think about. And then? What will happen to me and Marcella? Everything that will take you out safe and sound is ready, your lives are safe, only if. . . . . you do as I say. Seal this letter. So that everything works out as we want. I will trust you one last time. Did you forgive us or are you giving us time so that we can talk?

Would you talk if you had time? Never. Our secret will die with us. Don’t waste your breath. We swear an oath on ALLAH’s Name that we will not say a word. If I didn’t kill you I didn’t do it for you to talk. For what, then? For the words, he said while he was at the tip of the sword. Do you mean Kalima Shahadah? Yes. I heard it from my father. But I don’t know its meaning. I was little. Who was your father? Cem. Cem Sultan? Yes.

You are an Ottoman Shahzade. What Shahzade? You are the grandson of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han. Your father is Cem Sultan. They raised you as a Christian. But your ancestors, your grandparents they are the banner bearers of Islam. We heard that you are here. But we didn’t know you are a commander. I’m not a Shahzade. I’m Markus, a commander here. Come on in. What did I tell you? My Pasha, left during the change of guard.

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