Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 61 (61 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 61 (61 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 61, Bala and Gonca try to complete preparations for Osman’s wedding. Osman visits Sheikh’s store at the market. Sheikh appreciates Osman’s decision for the future of the Turks and says it is very important for Bala to accept this situation. Osman talks about what he will do for his people from now on and starts talking to other merchants in the market. Osman orders all the food needed for the wedding to be taken from Zoe and goes to talk to the leader of the white beards. Togay interrogates the soldiers to find out who informed Yargucu. Camuha cannot take it any longer and admits to notifying Yargucu. Nikola is angry that Osman has formed a new alliance with Umur and plans to use Togay once again. Camuha says he did everything because he is a loyal soldier to Togay.

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Togay says he is no longer working for the governor and will take his revenge on Osman. The leader of the white beards talks about the situation of the Turks in Anatolia and congratulates Osman’s actions. Osman says he will marry Malhun soon, but the leader of the white beards says he already knows this and gives him a gift. Togay says that now he will only try to get his revenge, and some Mongolian soldiers leave his army. While Osman is talking about the security measures required for the wedding, a soldier comes and says he wants to join his army. While saying that they can go to the plateau after the wedding day, the soldier comes and gives Osman the sword he made himself. Togay goes to the castle and says he is free now. Nikola asks him what he wants. Togay says he’s looking for an opportunity to attack and asks him for soldiers.

Malhun speaks to her father once more and listens to his advice. Malhun says goodbye to her father and prepares to go to the Kayi plain. Bala tells Osman his good wishes and prepares him for the wedding. Meanwhile, guests from the tribe of Umur and Malhun come. Osman welcomes his guests and the wedding celebrations begin. Sheikh prepares to marry Malhun with Osman. Camuha kills the soldiers who left Togay’s army and says that no one can send information to Yargucu. Togay is very happy about this situation. Camuha says that Osman will go to the Domanic plateau with his tribe. Togay realizes that the opportunity he is looking for has come and says he will kill the Turks on his way to the plateau. Sheikh marries Osman to Malhun in front of all witnesses. Sheikh then prays for them and wishes them well.

That night the celebrations begin. The Alps sing and everyone eats all night. Bala alone stays in her tent and cries. The Sultan’s Emir comes to congratulate and talks to Osman. Emir says that the Sultan knows everything and is preparing an army. Osman thanks Sultan for what he did and says that he is waiting for Sultan’s soldiers. Umur says he will fight for Osman with his entire tribe. Bamsi says that the Turks will unite soon. Bala says this is a test for her and begins to pray. Osman and Malhun go to their new tent. Osman gives a necklace to Malhun. Bala asks Allah to give Osman healthy children.

The next morning, while Bala is preparing for the people going to the plateau, Malhun comes and says she wants to help. Lord Leo comes to visit Osman and says he is very uncomfortable with what Nikola has done. Leo gives gifts to Osman because he cannot catch up with the wedding. Osman says that the Byzantine Emperor did not like Leo’s decisions. Leo says the Mongols will bring down Nikola. Osman says he wants to make peace with Leo as he did in his father’s time. Malhun asks Zoe to work for her after what she did. Gunduz says that he sent soldiers to observe the Byzantine castles in the region. Davud and Bamsi say everything will be ready soon to go to the plateau. Togay goes to the castle once more and tells Nikola about the attack plan. Nikola says all the soldiers will be ready tomorrow. Osman goes to Malhun’s tent that night and asks her how the first day was. Malhun politely asks Osman to leave her tent. Osman goes out and talks to Bala.

Bamsi talks to the Alps and talks with them about how to protect the group going to the plateau. Aygul says everything is ready for the journey. Bamsi then talks to Osman and asks him for permission to travel. Osman tells them to be careful. Bamsi talks about Ertugrul and the old days. Bamsi then takes the Alps and sets out. Nikola gives his soldiers to Togay and asks him to kill the Turks. Togay sets out with the soldiers to set a trap. Osman goes to Sogut and walks around the market with Sheikh. Osman talks about the innovations he wants to make in the market and calls the owner of that house to buy a house. The owner of the building goes to Sheikh’s shop. Osman speaks fairly to this man, but the man says he will not sell his house.

Osman learns that Togay is setting out with Nikola’s soldiers and learns that he will attack the Turks. While Togay waits on the way to the plateau, he sees that the Turks go to the plateau under the leadership of Bamsi. Togay shoots Bamsi with an arrow and the Mongols begin to attack. A great war begins between the two armies. Bamsi says he has been patiently waiting for Abdurrahman’s revenge for a long time and attacks Togay. Togay and Bamsi hurt each other. As Bamsi is about to kill Togay, Mongolian soldiers attack him and injure him repeatedly. Camuha takes Togay and runs away. Cerkutay goes to Bamsi. Bamsi says it is time for him to die now. Meanwhile, Osman finds them and sees Bamsi. Bamsi gives his swords to Cerkutay and passes away after a short while. Osman says he will avenge Bamsi.

Kurulus Osman Episode 61 English & Urdu Subtitles

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