Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 62 (62 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 62 (62 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 61 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 62, Osman and his Alps begin to search for traces in the forest to find Togay’s secret base. Gunduz says they haven’t been able to find any traces of Nikola or Togay so far. Osman gathers his Alps and tells them that no matter what happens, they will not give up on Bamsi’s revenge. Camuha goes to the military base by order of Togay and sets a trap for Osman. Cerkutay finds the secret base. Osman and the Alps advance slowly, but he can’t see anyone. When Boran says that the Mongols have fled, Camuha shoots an arrow at Osman. Camuha emerges from his hiding place and all the Mongolian soldiers begin to attack. When Osman is about to kill Camuha, Mongolian soldiers help him escape. Osman realizes that Togay is in another place and returns to the plain. Nikola is happy that Bamsi is dead and says that Osman will try to take revenge.

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Togay says he has a plan to trap Osman and asks Nikola for more soldiers. Nikola says that the Lords will not send soldiers easily because of what Togay has done before. Meanwhile, Camuha comes and says that Osman got rid of the trap. Bamsi’s funeral is held in Kayi plain and everyone says good things about him. Osman once again says that they will avenge Bamsi no matter what. Sheikh comes out of the tent after the ceremony and Osman starts making a plan with Umur. Cerkutay hugs Bamsi’s swords and cries. Aygul comes with Ahmed and tries to console him. Shortly after, Goktug comes and says he has to get Bamsi’s swords. After Goktug takes the swords, he returns them to Cerkutay. Osman says that Togay broke the agreement they made and sent a message to the Sultan about it.

Umur talks about his previous mistakes and asks Malhun to be a little more patient. Alaca tells her that she has spoken to Zoe and that she will come to the plain shortly. Bala says Osman will soon do whatever he wants and prays for him. Zoe arrives as Goktug tells the Alps to be careful about those who come to the plain. Goktug asks her why she came. Zoe says she came to talk to Malhun and goes to her tent. The owner of the house in the market comes to the plain and tells Osman that he wants to sell his house now. Osman says they will talk about this later and sends the merchant. Malhun says she wants Zoe to work for her and she accepts this offer. Osman receives a message from Sultan and immediately holds a meeting with the Beys. As Zoe leaves the plain, she tells Goktug that she is now working for Malhun.

Osman says that Togay rebelled against the governor. Meanwhile, Lord Leo comes and says that Nikola talks to Togay often. Leo tells that Togay is trying to recruit an army again from Nikola. Bala sees Malhun calling Zoe as her assistant and tells her that there is no need for such a thing. Malhun tries not to cause any trouble despite Bala’s ridiculous words. Nikola says that he will give new soldiers to Togay despite Helen’s objections. Osman tells Malhun that they will attack Togay to avenge Bamsi. Malhun wants to go to this war, but Osman stops her and asks her about the future. Osman prepares all his soldiers and sets out with them to avenge Bamsi after a long speech. Nikola, Togay, and Yason await Osman’s arrival with a large army. Togay says he will take Osman’s head.

Osman and his Alps arrive shortly after. Osman patiently begins to wait for the moment of attack. As Togay begins to attack with his Mongol soldiers, Nikola stops him and reminds him of his betrayal. Nikola and Yason leave the battlefield with the Byzantine soldiers. Togay is suddenly alone but takes action to attack again. Osman and his army then begin to attack, but someone shoots arrows from afar and stops both armies. The governor emerges from his hiding place and the soldiers in Togay’s army pledged allegiance to him. Yargucu orders Togay’s arrest and stops Osman. The governor says that he will take Togay to Sivas to punish him and sets out. Togay suddenly attacks the governor on the way, but the governor says that he will not kill him yet. Nikola celebrates this victory with his friends at the castle. Osman says that the governor has captured Togay, but he has not given up on Bamsi’s revenge.

Umur asks Osman how to get Togay from the governor’s hand and describes the possible route that the governor will use to go to Sivas. Osman immediately says that Turhan knows the way the governor will use and calls him. Malhun thinks that Osman does not love her enough and gets upset even though Alaca tries to calm her down. The governor and his army stop to rest at an inn. The governor orders his soldiers to take Togay to the cellar of the inn. Turhan shows the Mongolian soldiers the cellar of the inn. Osman and his soldiers secretly wait for Turhan outside the inn. Turhan then goes to Togay’s place to bring food and says he will help him in exchange for a large amount of gold. Togay accepts this offer and begins to wait silently. Turhan kills some of the guards and takes Togay out of the cellar. Togay and Camuha begin to follow Turhan. Turhan takes Togay and Camuha out using a secret passage in the inn.

Turhan takes Togay to a place in the forest and stops there. Togay asks him why they are standing here, but meanwhile, the Turks in the forest come out of their hiding place. Osman says that he came to avenge Bamsi and that he will fight with Togay one on one. Togay accepts this offer and starts fighting with him. After a long fight, Osman neutralizes Togay and says he will avenge Bamsi finally.

Kurulus Osman Episode 62 English & Urdu Subtitles

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