Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 (55 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 (55 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 54 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 55, Osman catches Dundar and brings him to the plain. The people on the plain learn that Dundar is a traitor and want him killed. Lena attacks Dundar and tells him that he was responsible for her son’s death. Osman then takes Dundar to his tent and asks him to tell about all his treachery one by one. Dundar says he did everything for his tribe and wanted the years of war to end. Osman calms the Savci and orders Petrus to be brought. Dundar says he did some work with Nikola and later worked with the Mongols. Osman then says that the punishment for the traitors is execution and takes a bow in his hand. Osman begins to strangle his uncle in order to kill him. Osman then stops and asks his uncle to pray for the last time.

Hazal begins to cry because her husband will die. The soldiers take Dundar to another tent, and soon Aygul arrives. Aygul gets angry with him for what her father has done and tells him that he is no longer her father. Dundar tries to calm his daughter, but Aygul says she is no longer his daughter. Dundar apologizes to his daughter. Osman says from sunrise that Dundar will be executed with a bow beam and tells what will happen to Dundar’s legacy. Togay learns from Geyhatu about his new mission and takes action to collect the tax in the region. Nikola once again tells Kalanoz how he will attack Sogut and begins to think about what happened to Dundar. Hazal begins to prepare for going into exile.

Hazal wants to give some of Dundar’s belongings to Aygul, but Aygul refuses everything. Petrus thinks that Osman is still planning to do something and says that he will send him to hell no matter what. The next morning, the soldiers take Dundar to Osman’s tent early. Dundar says goodbye to his daughter for the last time. Osman comes out of his tent and tells him that Dundar is a source of shame for the entire tribe. Osman then asks Boran to kill Dundar. Dundar kneels in front of Osman and tells him that he has one last wish. Dundar wants Osman to execute him. Dundar later says that Nikola has a plan to attack Sogut and that there are secret tunnels under Sogut. Osman accepts his uncle’s last request. Dundar starts walking slowly. Savci gives the arrow to Osman, which injured Bayhoca. Osman takes the arrow and shoots Dundar in the heart.

Dundar dies in front of everyone. Osman then goes to his tent and cries. Osman then goes to talk to Petrus. Petrus says that Dundar is dead and that they should be released according to the agreement they made earlier. Osman starts asking questions to Petrus. Osman asks how Togay got into the inn secretly. Petrus begins to tell about the tunnels he dug under Sogut. Simon says there are three tunnels under the city and Nikola knows them. Osman takes the prisoners and they go to the tunnels together. Osman says that Nikola will use these tunnels to attack Sogut and that is why Kalanoz’s army came. Osman asks Simon to learn the time of the attack. Nikola talks to Yason and asks him not to pay taxes to the Turks. Helen goes to Petrus’s shop and tells him when Nikola’s attack will take place. Simon immediately goes to Osman’s tent and tells him everything he learned from Helen.

Umur starts preparing to send new goods to Inegol. Meanwhile, Osman calls Umur, but Umur sends his daughter. Nikola starts to think something is wrong, but Helen tells that Dundar went to Kastamonu to find Hazal. Malhun then comes to Osman’s tent. Osman asks Malhun to lead the convoy going to Inegol and asks her for something to bring from the castle. Osman then visits Sheikh Edebali and listens to what he says. Malhun goes to the castle with a few soldiers and merchandise. Malhun begins to investigate whether what Osman told is true or not. Togay finds Yason and asks him when he will pay the tax. Yason says he will pay the taxes later because of his brother’s funeral. Togay doesn’t believe him but realizes that he is working with Nikola.

Using the map in his hand, Malhun enters a place in the castle and realizes that Osman is right. Byzantine soldiers check the room, but Malhun hides. Malhun grabs a few gunpowder kegs and sneaks out of the room. While Bala is talking to Osman that night, Malhun comes. Malhun gives the gunpowder barrels she seized to Osman. Osman congratulates Malhun many times for what she did. Malhun says that the trust between them is better now and returns to her tribe. Umur gets angry with Malhun for secretly going to Inegol. Malhun tells her father why she secretly went to Inegol and tells him that she gave the powder barrels she found there to Osman. Umur learns that Nikola will attack Sogut and tells Malhun that she is doing the right thing. Osman calls the other Beys and tells them that their tunnels will explode using gunpowder barrels.

Osman tells everyone how to defend Sogut and attack Nikola. Togay sees the Byzantine soldiers taking action and realizes that Nikola will attack Sogut. Cerkutay tells Simon how to fire explosives. Wondering what happened to the archers that Yason should send, Nikola learns that Togay attacked the soldiers who were coming to the castle. Nikola picks up his soldiers and takes action. Byzantine soldiers begin to enter the tunnels. Cerkutay notices this situation and signals for the tunnels to explode. Osman sees Nikola approaching with his huge army and sets out to face him. On his way towards Sogut, Nikola sees Osman and thinks about how he learned his attack plan. Nikola does not believe that Osman knows the location of the tunnels and they will use it. Nikola orders the attack and the battle begins.

Kurulus Osman Episode 55 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 55 English Subtitles

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